How To Stay Positive & Inspired On The Internet

Being active users of social media and the Internet as a whole, we are exposed to so much negative and misleading content on a daily basis. From videos of people bullying one another to overly edited photos of girls with unrealistic bodies living unrealistically luxurious lives. The more we consume this content, the more the negativity becomes normalized and the harder it is to stay positive.

How To Stay Positive & Inspired On The Internet

Throughout the past year or so, I decided to revamp my usage of the Internet and use it as a source for inspiration rather than an endless cycle of mind-mushing content with no benefits or importance. As a result, I am now constantly taking in content that inspires me to stay positive, spark new ideas, and learn new things.

Scrolling through my Instagram, for example, is no longer a mindless way to pass the time, but an awesome resource for positive content. Here are some ways you can do the same…

Go on a deleting spree

You know those girls you went to high school with that just love to rant about their lives and complain about everything on Facebook? Delete them and anyone else who consistently posts negativity and has no real role in your life. Think about how different your news feed would be if every negative post was replaced with a positive one!

Follow people who inspire you

I love finding new bloggers with similar niches and aesthetics as mine. They inspire me to do my job better and help me develop new ideas. I also love following notable women who I look up to like Eva Mendes, Oprah Winfrey, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Tracee Ellis Ross. They are always positive, thought-provoking, and give me total career envy.

Look at pretty things

What do you find to be beautiful? Nature? Fashion? Animals?

I love illustrations so I am constantly on the search for talented illustrators to follow and support. Some of my favorites are Kerrie Hess (@kerriehessillustration), Ann Shen (@anndanger), Erisha from @athingcreated, and Talula Christian from @talulachristianart.

I truly admire (and totally envy) what these artists do and seeing their amazing work on my feed just brightens up my day. Find what makes your eyes a little wider when you see it, hunt down accounts that post just that, and you will always have something beautiful to look at!

Get real

For a while, I was watching a lot of famous YouTubers or “beauty gurus”. They are all very talented but it came to a point where I had to stop. Watching them started to feel like I was watching a reality show. Who’s dissing who. Who’s stealing who’s ideas. Who’s gotten plastic surgery and won’t admit it. Seriously? I didn’t think simple makeup videos could get so ugly!

I also started to see how a lot of them were misleading their viewers. From shady affiliate marketing to tricky lighting and photoshopped photos, I was really turned off by the greediness and the bad messages some of them were sending to young girls.

So, I unfollowed all of those people on social media and stopped supporting their videos. I now stick to watching and following artists who don’t buy into the negativity and keep it strictly about the makeup. Some of them include Stephanie Nicole, Kandee Johnson, and Lisa Eldridge, who are all amazing women, super smart, and very talented.

Get the positivity sent directly to you

This is where I come in! To continue my mission of encouraging positivity on the Internet, I have launched a newsletter in conjunction with this blog. The Glamorously You Newsletter is all about inspiring you, the reader, to stay positive and create a life you absolutely love.

It is a weekly newsletter that packs an inspirational punch! It includes beauty picks, pinnable quotes, girl chat, and more. If that sounds like something you would love to see in your inbox every week, then sign up below.

I urge all you ladies to stay inspired, stay positive, and stay glamorous. Until next time!

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How To Stay Positive & Inspired On The Internet

What are you currently doing to stay positive in your life? Let me know in the comments!

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