How I Rock Smooth & Loose Curls (WITHOUT A Blow-Dryer!)


Earlier in the week, I spoke about how I learned to rock my natural curls. I have gotten that technique down to a science and it allows me to embrace my natural hair. But, I also have another hairstyle that I sport quite often – my smooth and loose curls!

This one takes a little more effort but lasts me for days. It is my go-to look for whenever I have an event to go to or if I just want a smoother, more tamed look.

It is actually quite easy to do and here’s the kicker… I don’t use a blow-dryer!

Here’s why… For years I was under the assumption that the only way I could get my hair to look smooth was with a blow dryer. But every time I blew out my hair, it resulted in a frizzed up mess. It didn’t matter who blew it out or what blow dryer they used, the results were always the same.

That is when I put the blow dryer aside and came up with the technique I am going to explain to you now. It takes me less time to do, it’s easy, and it puts less heat on my hair. Of course, the best part is that I love the way it looks and it’s not a hassle for me to accomplish on a weekly basis if I want.

Here’s how I do it!

Start with dry hair

After wrapping my hair in a t-shirt to dry, I apply the OGX Penetrating Extra Strength Hair Oil and let it air dry overnight. The oil helps keep my hair smooth and prevents frizz while I sleep.


Once I am ready the next day to start the process, I begin with a heat protectant. I like to use the TreSemme Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Spray.

After that, I part my hair. I like to do two bottom parts and then split the top into a left part and a right part.

Straighten the roots

I take my Paul Mitchell Express Ion Smooth Flat Iron and just go over the first three to four inches of my hair starting at the root. I do this because I will be using a curling wand after this and they are difficult to get close to the roots with. Because I have very curly hair, I can’t neglect this part or else I will have natural/frizzy looking roots and smooth, wavy ends –  not the cutest look!

Curl the rest

Using my Hot Tools 1-inch Flipperless Gold Curling Wand, I curl the rest of my hair. I prefer using a curling wand because it creates a looser, less ribbon-like curl. If you don’t have a wand, you can replicate the look with a regular curling iron by lifting the clamp and only wrapping your hair around the barrel.

I like to have all the curls moving away from my face but that is up to personal preference. I find that when they are directed away from my face, I get a cleaner look while mixing it up gives more of a tousled/beachy look.

I repeat this process of straightening the roots and curling the rest until I’ve reached all of my hair.

Finishing touches

When I am done, I will take the same OGX oil from before and run my fingers through all of the curls. From there, I style it and finish with some Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Hairspray.

That’s it!

No blow-dryer and no special, expensive products! This look will last me around five days before my roots begin to defy the flat iron and it just gets too greasy to handle.

It also takes me about 45 minutes to do which is a record for me. Back in my blow-drying days, I could expect the process to take around 2 hours! I find that my hair looks and feels healthier than it ever did, which I attribute to using less heat. Once I go through this process, I find that I barely have to touch it up throughout the week which helps as well.

Some of the products I spoke about are linked below but you can also click the links where I mentioned them as well! Try this method out and let me know if it works for you too 🙂

**This post features affiliate links which means I receive compensation for every link click and subsequent purchases you may make of products featured in this post. However, I would never include links for products I don’t absolutely love and want you to love too!


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  • Reply Sarah Carter

    That actually looks very nice!

    I bought the OGX hair oil 3 days ago, do you think it’s necessary for me to get the Garnier Shine Hairspray as well? Keep being awesome!

    March 24, 2017 at 10:45 am
    • Reply nicoledarosa

      thank you!! The hairspray is super light and helps keep everything in place but it isn’t totally necessary. If you’re doing your hair to go out then I would say yes. If it’s just for everyday wear, then you can pass. Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

      March 24, 2017 at 3:44 pm
  • Reply Erica Gwynn

    Your curls are GOOOORGEOUS! I actually find my curls *always* turn out better sans a blow dryer. Who knew!

    March 26, 2017 at 4:22 pm
    • Reply nicoledarosa

      Thanks girl! I think it depends on the hair, right?! Like my sister can’t do without the blow dryer but my hair hates it lol so weird!

      March 26, 2017 at 4:28 pm

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