Rudolph Nails Tutorial – The Perfect Christmas Nail Design!

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These fun Rudolph nails were inspired by this Pinterest post I saw a few weeks ago. You don’t see too many reindeer nail designs out there so I found it to be rather unique and oh-so cute. They were also pretty simple to master too! Here’s how I did it:

Rudolph Nails Tutorial - The Perfect Christmas Nail Design!

What you’ll need:


Painting Rudolph

Step 1

Complete your base coat and two coats of the emerald green and gold glitter polish. Wait a minute or two for the colors to dry before you start with the design.

Step 2

With your nail art brush and gold glitter polish, paint a horizontal oblong oval shape for Rudolph’s upper head and ears.

Step 3

For the lower head and muzzle, first paint an upside-down triangle. Then, curve out the sides. Think of his whole head as an upside-down witch’s hat with curved edges!

Don’t forget to add a red dot with your dotting tool for his nose (the most important part, of course).

Step 4

To paint the antlers, paint two F’s slightly slanted on each side.


Painting the holly

Step 1

To start, add 3 red dots for the berries in one of the corners of your nail.

Step 2

With your nail art brush and emerald green polish, draw one leaf on each side of the berries. This can be tricky to do, but this pictorial is perfect at explaining it.

Step 3

Add a top coat to seal everything in and you’re done!


I think these are my favorite Christmas nails that I have ever done! Usually, I’m not so great with detailed designs, but this was definitely not as hard as it looks. Show me your Christmas nails on Instagram and make sure to tag me: @glamorouslyyoublog 🙂

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Rudolph Nails Tutorial - The Perfect Christmas Nail Design!

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