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4 Reasons to Start Journaling

I’ve been consistently journaling since about 2012 and was practicing it sparingly before that. It has become a part of my nightly ritual and a great way to put my life into perspective. From my experience, I have come to see how beneficial (and fun) it can really be and now, I recommend this practice for everyone! It can be hard to get into the habit but after awhile, it becomes something you naturally want to do. Not to mention, the gratification of completing a notebook will definitely get you scribbling! There are many reasons why you should start journaling, but here are my top 4!

4 Reasons To Start Journaling

Express your feelings

You would be surprised how satisfying it is to write out your thoughts and feelings! Journaling can help you get through your inner struggles without the fear of offending anyone or having anyone else hear about it. You’re letting it out without really letting it out.


Writing in a journal for a long time will give you a great sense of how the course of your life is going. You may only remember so much but the journal has all the details! Reading back what you wrote months or even years ago will give you an awesome look as to where your mind was at different times and how much you have grown. It puts everything into perspective.

Setting goals

Speaking of putting things into perspective, journaling is a great way to document your goals, whether they be for the short or long term. Writing them down will assist in holding yourself accountable to reaching them. Not to mention, looking back some time later is a great way to see how far you’ve come! Most of the time, I reach goals and don’t even realize it until I look back at a previous goal list.

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Keep your brain sharp

It’s been proven that frequent reading and writing does wonders for the brain. Journaling will not only help to keep your brain sharp, but your vocabulary and penmanship too!

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4 Reasons To Start Journaling

Need some more motivation? Head to TJMaxx, Marshall’s, Home Goods, or Target for a great selection of beautiful and inexpensive journals. Having something pretty to write in makes journaling even more fun!

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  • Reply Seersucker Sass

    I agree with all of this! I made it a goal to journal more in 2016, and it’s amazing how much better I feel after doing so. I also really enjoy looking back on older journals to reflect on personal growth or to seek inspiration.

    March 21, 2016 at 11:53 am
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