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What better person to write about beauty tips for mature women than the mother of GY’s blogger-in-chief?! My mom, Annette, will be leading the way on this charge to inspire middle-aged women to be their most radiant selves. Check out her each of her monthly columns below!





Embracing Your Appearance As A Mature Woman

Aging is something we can’t stop, but it’s also something we shouldn’t be battling with either. Learning to love yourself more as you get older is imperative to living a healthy and full life. Here are my biggest tips for mature women.



5 Skin Care Tips For Mature Women

I have always made skin care a top priority, and I can thank myself for that now that I’m older! Starting a solid skin care routine as early as possible will yield the best results, but it is never too late to start. The 5 tips listed here are the ones that have benefitted me the most over the years!



Radiantly You: Time-Saving Beauty Hacks For The Busy, Mature WomanTime-Saving Beauty Hacks For The Busy, Mature Woman

The biggest thing I hear coming from mature women is that they just don’t have the time to do their makeup or invest in a good skincare routine. We’re busy being moms, working, and keeping everything together so how can we possibly make time to fit in full morning and nighttime skin care routines and makeup?! I’ll tell you how.


8 Best Skin Care Products For Mature Skin

My goal when shopping for skin care is to find products that work and make me feel good. I don’t try to find miracle products and I don’t always grab the most expensive product. Here are some of my absolute favorites!



 10 Must-Have Summer Styles

Nicole and I had a great time collaborating on this one and sharing our must-have summer items From simple dresses to rompers to block heels, we covered it all!