How I Rock My Natural Curly Hair

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I was not the biggest fan of my natural curly hair for a very long time. It was unruly, frizzy, and too wild to be tamed! I tried every kind of gel, cream, diffuser, and technique for keeping my curls in check with no luck at all. That’s when I just gave up and resorted to straightening my hair all the time. I wouldn’t have to deal with my natural curls if I just straighten them, right?!

How I Rock My Natural Curly Hair

Well that method of avoiding my hair came to a halt when I went on a long trip to Europe a couple years ago. With only a backpack with me, I had no room for my precious blow-dryer or flat iron. I was forced to figure out a way to handle my natural curly hair!

All I could fit was a small bottle of gel and hairspray, but I made it work. There was one simple thing I discovered that made my life so much easier – a french braid! I would wash my hair, apply the gel, and then put it into one french braid. I would undo it in the morning and let my curls flow or keep the braid in for an easy on-the-go travel look.

Once I returned home, I spent the next few months really perfecting this technique because I knew I was on to something!

So without further ado, here is the perfected technique that lets me embrace my natural curly hair (and actually like it too).

Cleanse & Condition

I am not picky about the shampoos and conditioners I use but I normally go with ones that are for damage repair since I do use heated tools when I am not going natural. Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to this, so go with what works best for your hair.


Instead of using a rough towel, I opt for an old t-shirt. It dries just as well and doesn’t encourage frizz. I leave my hair wrapped up in this for about 10 minutes while I get dressed and go through my nightly beauty routine.


I like to start off this process by detangling my hair and conditioning it nicely. Lately, I have been going for the Garnier Whole Blends Green Apple & Green Tea Extracts Spray. It’s great for detangling, conditioning, and priming your hair and it smells like apples! I spray it liberally and run my fingers through my hair to get any tangles out.

Next, I apply Miss Jessie’s Pillow Soft Curl Cream which is simply magic in a bottle. It is pricey but a little goes a long way and it’s just worth it, plain and simple.


I create two french braids. If you don’t know how to french braid, there are tons of YouTube videos that can show you how. It’s a little hard to do at first but now I can practically do it with my eyes closed. Just practice, practice, practice!

Try to braid your hair as far down as you can to avoid getting those straightened “end-of-braid” pieces on the ends.

I leave them in overnight.

Let em’ loose!

The longer you keep the braids in, the better the curls will come out and the longer they will stay put. When you’re ready, gently undo your braids. I like to apply a small amount of the Miss Jessie’s cream to lock them in place. Just style it and go!

This is what I have finally discovered to work for my hair. I know everyone’s manes have characters of their own so I hope this method works for you too. Try to embrace your natural curls as much as you can, even when they’re frizzy, unruly, and too wild to be tamed!

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How I Rock My Natural Curly Hair

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