Super Easy & Super Glam Metallic Nail Art Tutorial

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I had planned to do some fun nail art today and before I began, I decided to take photos along the way to show you all how I achieved this look. It’s super easy and super glam! If you have temporary metallic tattoos laying around, even if they’re scraps, they will work for this. Grab that along with your favorite polish (or five) and you can master this look. Here’s the tutorial!

Super Easy & Super Glam Metallic Nail Art Tutorial

You can use whichever polishes you love the best but here are the materials I used for this nail art look (left to right):

OPI Original Nail Envy

Essie Good to Go Top Coat

Revlon Shiny Matte Nail Polish “Emerald Suede” (discontinued but Zoya “Giovanna” is a dupe)

OPI “Where’s My Bikini Top?” (discontinued but OPI “That’s Hula-rious!” is a dupe)

Essie “Going Incognito” (discontinued but Essie “Off Tropic” is a dupe)

Essie “Turquoise & Caicos”

Sinful Shine “Manhunt” (discontinued but OPI “Suzi – The First Lady of Nails” is a dupe)

Super Easy & Super Glam Metallic Nail Art Tutorial

Step 1

Start off with a base coat. I’ve been using Sally Hansen Green Tea + Bamboo Strength polish for awhile which has worked great for me but I decided to change it up. I’ve been using the famous OPI Nail Envy which I LOVE. It strengthens my nails wonderfully and has an awesome shine so it’s also perfect to wear alone. It’s a bit pricey which is why I haven’t purchased it until now but it’s totally worth it.

Super Easy & Super Glam Metallic Nail Art Tutorial

Step 2

While the base coat was drying, I started to figure out what kinds of designs I could do with the tattoos. I decided I could utilize a hole punch to create a circle shape and scissors to create stripes. I also cut up one of the link tattoos to create a half moon design too!

Super Easy & Super Glam Metallic Nail Art Tutorial

Step 3

Now for some color! My favorite color is green, if you couldn’t already tell. I couldn’t decide which singular color I wanted to do so I took a risk and went with all five!

Super Easy & Super Glam Metallic Nail Art Tutorial

Step 4

Tattoo time! It’s best to apply the tattoos when your nails are completely dry or close to it. Using tweezers, I peeled the plastic off of the tattoos and placed them on my nail. With a q-tip dipped in water, I dabbed the paper until it slid off by itself, just like any other temporary tattoo. Just take the paper off and use a brush or q-tip dipped in acetone to take away any of the tattoo that may have stuck to your skin.

Step 5

Finish off with a quick-dry top coat and enjoy your glamorous and glitzy nails!


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Super Easy & Super Glam Metallic Nail Art Tutorial

Do you use any household products or things lying around for nail art? What is your favorite go-to polish color? Let me know in the comments!


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