5 Ways To Embrace Yourself & Capitalize On What Makes You Unique

Being someone with an unconventional personality or bearer of unique traits can be both exciting and draining at the same time. Often you are aware of your uniqueness but struggle with embracing yourself and welcoming your differences into your life. The world can be a rough place sometimes but having people with varying personalities, viewpoints, styles, and passions makes it a better one. I wanted to share this piece with you all to help you not only embrace yourself but capitalize on your uniqueness and add your own sparkle into the world!


5 Ways To Embrace Yourself & Capitalize On What Makes You Unique

I spent most of my young life in the arts. I started piano lessons at 8 years old and began performing in musical theatre at 10 years old. In middle school, I joined jazz band and the vocal ensemble. In high school, I became more involved in theatre and actually chose to take a first period Shakespeare class!

If any of you have ever been to public school then you know that these are not the “coolest” things to be doing.

During my most insecure years, I tried playing sports to fit in. Believe it or not, I was actually on the cheerleading team! Excuse me while I cringe.

That was my biggest attempt at trying to conform and it ended with me not trying out the next year so I could audition for the drama club. (I realized it wasn’t my thing when the other girls were listening to rap music on their iPod nano’s during workouts and I was listening to the “Phantom of the Opera” soundtrack)

Throughout the years, I was teased and whispered about because of my creativity, what I looked like, and my reserved personality. It hurt at the time, of course, but I never wanted to give up any part of myself. I loved the idea of myself too much to trade it in for something else.

Then, something amazing happened after I graduated high school. I decided to take a job as a camp counselor during the summer before my sophomore year in college. My camp name was “Sparkles” and my job was to come up with fun activities and games the girls could play during a period of the day called “Girl’s Club”.

I quickly became one of the favorite counselors. I couldn’t walk 20 feet throughout the campground without hearing “SPARKLES!!” being squealed from a tiny body a distance away. This was amazing to me – I was utilizing my creativity when working with the girls and it made me, dare I say, popular.

Those girls gave me the confidence to embrace myself more. They thought I was the coolest “big girl” in the world so how could I not feel the same way about myself?!

Everything I was insecure about or have previously caused me to be an outsider have become things that people find interesting about me now. Funny, right?

Unique people have a special gift to give the world – influence. We have the ability to introduce ideas to people and expand their minds. We can make them take a second look at their own lives and dig out unique qualities within themselves.

However, in order for us to share this gift we must first love and accept ourselves. Here are 5 ways to embrace yourself and capitalize on what makes you unique:

Find Inspiration

It wasn’t until I read about introversion that I was able to understand myself on an entirely different level. When I discovered that I wasn’t the only one like me, I felt more comfortable and confident being my true self.

Finding people with similar qualities or seeking out helpful information can lead you to find the inspiration you need to truly embrace yourself.

Write about it 

I have said this before and I will say it again! Writing gives you the power to get your ideas and emotions out without the fear of judgement on the other side. Your journal will never look at you funny for saying something out of the ordinary.

Start writing out your ideas, plans, goals, and emotions then read them back. Just like you would understand a character throughout the course of a book, you will begin to better process your own thoughts and feelings in your journal.

Find the value in it

What can your uniqueness provide the world? Can your love for knitting clothe someone? Can your passion for singing entertain someone? Can your blog educate someone? There is value in everything and it is up to you to find it within yourself.

Get a job in it

Working on this blog requires me to capitalize on what has made me stand out and that is extremely gratifying. I can’t tell you how many guys I have been on a date with who have given me the “you’re lame” face after I tell them I have a blog (it’s a hit with some and a bomb for others, what can I say).

Now that I am getting paid to apply the knowledge I have acquired from running my blog, it has given me a sense of credibility and with that, a sense of confidence.

Own it

Confidence makes judgmental people think twice about judging. You could be the oddest person on the planet but if you are confident, you’re basically saying “Judge me, I dare you!”

Being confident helps others build their own confidence and leaves the bullies with nothing to bully!


One of the most important messages behind Glamorously You is to truly embrace yourself and rock it, no matter the backlash or negativity you get in return. I encourage you all to look deep into yourselves to see what sets you apart and how you can use it to your benefit.

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5 Ways To Embrace Yourself & Capitalize On What Makes You Unique

How have you capitalized on your uniqueness? What are you doing to learn to embrace yourself? In what areas can you improve? Let me know in the comments!

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