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Fall Makeup Looks: My Favorite Lip & Nail Combinations!

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Last fall on my Instagram, I decided to document a couple of my lip and nail combinations. At the time, these combos were purely coincidental; my nails just so happened to look great next to whatever lipstick I was wearing that day. This season, I thought it would be fun to intentionally put together some autumnal-themed combinations that I could share with all of you. Incorporate them into your fall makeup looks and have fun!

Fall Glitz

Fall Makeup Looks: My Favorite Lip & Nail Combinations!

The lip: Urban Decay “Conspiracy” & NYX Cosmic Metals “Metropolitan Night”

The nail: Essie “Little Brown Dress”¹ – base & Essie “Getting Groovy”² – gold

This look embraces the brown tones of fall while incorporating some of the excitement for the glitzy holidays. If you’re a beginner, the half-moon nail design is easy to achieve using binder stickers (here’s a great pictorial). But, I have started to freehand my half-moons lately, which makes it a much quicker design to complete. When free-handing, slow, steady, and thin coats wins the race!


Berry Fun

Fall Makeup Looks: My Favorite Lip & Nail Combinations!

The lip: NYX Pin-Up Pout “Revolution”

The nail: Essie “With The Band”³ – red & “Penny Talk” – copper

If we’re talking about fall makeup looks, then we have to include something in the vampy/berry category! This lipstick photographs lighter than it really appears. It’s actually a dark, blood red.

As for the nails, I love doing designs that incorporate negative space and geometric shapes (as you’ll see again later). They are usually pretty simple to do and don’t require as much dry time. This look was achieved by painting red on the top half of the nail with some copper dots added on top. Simple!


Chic & Shine

Fall Makeup Looks: My Favorite Lip & Nail Combinations!

The lip: Maybelline Vivid Hot Lacquer “Unreal”

The nail: Sally Hansen “Renude” – base, Essie “Licorice”, Essie “Bahama Mama”, & OPI “Alpine Snow” – stripes

Nothing is more chic than a Burberry-inspired nail design with a nude gloss to match!

This nail design is definitely the most advanced out of the four, but so much fun to look at! I achieved it by using the plastic bag technique (another pictorial!). Also, let’s celebrate that I have found the perfect nude gloss!


Neutral Statement

Fall Makeup Looks: My Favorite Lip & Nail Combinations!

The lip: Urban Decay “1993”

The nail: Essie “Master Plan” – base, Essie “Poolside Service”⁴, Sally Hansen “Wet Cement”⁵

Here is a look for you subtle girls! When you find the right shade, a brown matte lip is a great, simple go-to. That’s what this shade from Urban Decay is for me.

On the nails, this geometric design is super easy to do. Indeed, there are 3 colors I used (I didn’t realize “Master Plan” and “Wet Cement” appeared so similar on the nail). I used “Master Plan” as the base, then I took the other two colors and created random lines.


Discontinued Dupes

1 – OPI “Shh.. It’s Top Secret!”

2 – Essie “Good As Gold”

3 – OPI “By Popular Vote”

4 – Essie “On Your Mistletoes”

5 – Sally Hansen Miracle Gel “Grey”


I had a blast putting these fall makeup looks and combinations together. Have you ever thought about coordinating your nail and lip looks? It’s so much fun to do and really gets you into the spirit of the season.

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Fall Makeup Looks: My Favorite Lip & Nail Combinations!

What are your favorite fall makeup looks? Let me know in the comments! Also, check out the rest of my nail articles here on Glamorously You 🙂 


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